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RICOH Interactive Whiteboard A7500

Price: 1850.00 €

Better teamwork and presentations for in-person and hybrid classes.
🌐 Ideal for:
🏫 Educational Institutions
🏢 Business Meetings
🤝 Collaborative Projects

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12 months warranty or 18,000 prints

With powerful processing, a superb operating system, and an 18-hour battery life, the ThinkPad T470 is designed to enhance your productivity, anywhere. Easy to use, deploy, and service, this 14” robust laptop has a host of cutting-edge technology, including solid-state storage and secure fingerprint reading. All of this, plus the legendary ThinkPad reliability and support

6 months warranty

Take your productivity to new heights
Optimise your office productivity with the MP C4503(A)SP/MP C5503(A)SP/MP C6003SP. 

These fast and reliable colour multi-function printers are perfect for a variety of demanding office tasks.In a crowded
marketplace they stand out with their support of the increasingly popular SRA3 format.

M 2701 

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